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Discover one college student's journey as the creator of a Catholic sticker shop, including her inspiration and creative process.


To deliver high quality products that serve as daily reminders of God’s loving and creative nature.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Sacred Heart Prints? Sacred Heart Prints is a Catholic sticker shop located on Etsy. It offers fun and aesthetic Catholic stickers which serve as daily reminders of God’s love. Sticker designs include depictions of the saints, bible verses, Catholic symbols, and devotional images. All stickers are waterproof, uv protected, and printed on high quality vinyl. Stickers are handmade by Anna MacKellar.

Can I order custom stickers or designs? Yes, you can order custom stickers and designs. Please direct message Anna MacKellar on Instagram or email her at to place a custom order. Anna has experience designing logos and custom artwork and is more than happy to work with you. She charges an hourly rate and offers discount prices for bulk sticker orders. In addition to printing stickers, Anna makes greeting cards, bookmarks, and prints.

How can I support Sacred Heart Prints? You can support Sacred Heart Prints by purchasing stickers and spreading the word. The biggest way to help Sacred Heart Prints reach more people is by leaving a positive review on Etsy if you are happy with your purchase. Following Sacred Heart Prints on Instagram and sharing posts is another way you can show your support. Lastly, you can provide feedback by messaging Anna. Growing a small Catholic business in a very competitive market is very challenging but it is possible with your help!