Catholic Stickers & More Sacred Heart Prints

My Process Creating Stickers

The first step in my creative process is to find inspiration and to pray. In order to find inspiration, I research other artists and trending Catholic stickers on Etsy, Instagram, Pinterest, or Google. I also like to spend time in nature, where I can clear my mind and contemplate God as the ultimate Creator who works through me. Praying about what God is calling me to create is very important to me as an owner of a Catholic business, because simply creating stickers that fit current trends is not my goal as an artist and business owner. Another way I find inspiration is through discussing the faith, as well as my own sticker ideas, with friends.

Second, I design the sticker on my ipad pro using ProCreate. ProCreate allows me to upload photos and draw over them, which I often do for the basic figures and faces of the saints so I can portray them accurately. Finding a cohesive color scheme is a step which I often struggle with. Creating a sticker takes between one and five hours. The final stage of the design process is my favorite because I get to add highlights, text, and other final touches.

Third, I print and cut my stickers. I use the Pixma ix6820 printer because it is an affordable option that creates high quality prints. I use the Silhouette portrait 3 to cut my stickers. Finding the best materials for what I wanted to create took a lot of trial and error. Learning to use the machines was also a learning curve. Making stickers may seem like a simple task, but it takes a lot of trial and error.